You ARE Special

Photo courtesy of the Hubble Telescope Website

It is so important for each of us to realize and recognize that we are special.  The simple expression to another person of “You ARE Special” can lift anyone’s spirits.

I recently participated in just such an exchange where we spoke to people we knew and those we didn’t, stating that they were special.  What an incredible gift.  Having a stranger tell me I am special, hearing it from the man I love, well not only does it bring tears to my eyes, it brings a sense of euphoria.  Genuinely meaning it as you say it to someone else also provides a wonderful sense of satisfaction and yes, love.

Each one of us is special, unique, just like our fingerprints.  Even people we don’t particularly like or get along with are special.  Seeing how gifted others are can help us.  It’s easy with those we like and care about.  It’s more difficult for those who aren’t on our list of favorites, but it can help us to get past the behavior we don’t like in some.  Let’s face it, generally it’s not the person, it’s their behavior we don’t like.  At least I have found that to be the case for me.  I believe you will experience unlimited rewards when you are able to develop this understanding of how special people are, including you.

I would ask you to think about those things you feel make you unique and special.  Make a mental list of them or better yet, start a journal and write down what you feel makes you you.  What about the people you love and like?  What’s special about them?  And yes, even the people you are not that fond of, as it can be a very good way to help you appreciate them….even if it’s only one thing, that’s a start.

This journal about yourself, your thoughts, emotions, ideas can be a tool you can use when you are feeling down.  Go back to this journal and see what you thought about yourself.  I have been putting the date in mine when I write particular feelings or thoughts.  It helps me to get back to that good place where things felt right.  I think you will find it useful too.

It is my belief that each of us is here for a reason.  I feel all of us are here, on Earth, because we have something we are meant to do or accomplish.  Our unique gifts, that make us special, were given to us to be shared with the world.  For much of my life I have been trying to figure out why I am here and what I am supposed to do.  Sometimes I think it has been something as simple as entering another’s life and helping them through a given situation or vice versa.  Lately I have felt a very strong desire to write.  When a topic comes to me, I write it down for further thought if I can’t spend time at the keyboard or notepad when a particular topic comes into my mind.  Maybe one of the reasons I am here is to share my writings and thoughts about life to help others…..

It’s a big universe and sometimes we can feel very small.  One thing I do know is each of us is important.  Keep searching if you have not found your heart’s desire; if you have, embrace it and share it with the rest of us.

I would like to leave you with this, remember “You ARE Special”.  The universe knows it and if you didn’t, now you know it too.