What Inspires You? ~ Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank Topic for April

The topic for this month’s Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank writers is: What Inspires You?


Ya baby!

Oh, there are so many things.  To sum it up, life inspires me.  Especially when I am able to live it to the fullest!

Dan & I just returned from vacation in the beautiful, spectacular and stunning  Zion National Park.

The park is brimming with life, like this cute little guy who climbed all over my hiking boots trying to entice me to feed him some of my lunch, which is illegal so there would be nothing from me.  Plus, little did he know I have 3 adorable basset hounds who work me every day for more food than they should have, so he didn’t stand a chance and quickly moved on to other hikers on the trail.


Mr. Chipmunk in search of a morsel of food.


Spring unfolding.

I am inspired from all I saw and experienced; how will that manifest?  I’m not sure.   One thing I do know is the last time we visited Zion, about 10 years ago, I think my eyes were somehow closed to the spectacular beauty that is pretty much hard to describe in words. Maybe I wasn’t ready for the experience 10 years ago.  I just didn’t see, as strange as this may sound, the majesty present in the vistas.  This time I WAS READY and soaked it all in.  I’ll let Dan’s photos give you a glimpse of what await those who travel to Zion.


Feeling like I’m on top of the world




One of the views from Angels Landing


The serenity of morning light

As an artist, I can tell you that during this trip, my eyes were opened to things that were obscured to them before.  I am so grateful.

Sure, so many people say they are inspired by nature that it tends to sound cliche.  I get that.  I also know that spending quality time in places like Zion revitalize my mind and soul.  Now that’s my kind of inspiration!


Me with my husband and soul mate, Dan.  This is our idea of a perfect day/date.

I urge you to seek being nurtured by nature, and its abundant life, because it can provide more than inspiration for your mind, body and soul.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise.

P.S.  All the photos, except for the chipmunk and flower, were taken by my talented husband Dan.  He rocks!

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  1. Truly stunning place. No wonder you were so taken with it.
    (I also love the sweet way you talk about your husband. Inspiring in itself)

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