How would you describe the color purple?


This month’s topic for the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank is “How would you describe the color purple?

Talk about your topic challenge!

I love the color purple.  I’ve been drawn to it my entire life.  My parents had tons of wild violets in the back yard and I would pick a bouquet of them for my mom.  She would place them in a tiny vase and display them on the kitchen table.  I was disappointed that they died so quickly.  But I was always happy giving them to my mom.  Love and appreciation….representing the color purple.


This picture evokes many emotions. Intense, powerful, strong, bright….this too represents the color purple to me.


Living in Colorado, I appreciate the lovely Columbines that bloom throughout most of the summer months.  Delicate and fragile…representing the color purple.


Sultry, mysterious, flowing….representing the color purple.


Rich, ready to bloom, fulfillment of Spring’s promise…..representing the color purple.


Refreshing, renewing, majestic…. representing the color purple.

Why do you suppose a certain color or color palette appeals to us?  In my case, purple.  I definitely feel an emotional response to purple in a very positive way.  Perhaps there are some things we are not suppose to understand.  Just embrace them.  Whatever the case, purple is my favorite.

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8 thoughts on “How would you describe the color purple?

  1. 🙂
    definitely agree- we are just *drawn* to some colours… and we should embrace that. Happens for a reason. Loved the photos. they made my eyes happy 🙂

  2. you know …. i never used to like purple, but i think that i’m beginning to appreciate it, with your deeply hued shades of the colour….

    lovely post!

  3. Purple was my very favorite color as a child and I loved the deep purple pansies in the garden. It was so long ago that I wonder if I’m remember their color correctly. Beautiful, Kathleen!

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