What is your definition of perfection?

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The quiet stillness of Zion on an April Morning 2013

November’s topic for the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank is: “What is your definition of perfection?

As with most of our topics, I tend to have an initial idea and then it expands.  This one certainly did, so here goes.

Perfection is a day, week, month, year or lifetime in The Grand Tetons.  It is heaven on earth for me.  I experience a tranquility and oneness there like no other place in this world.



Dan snapped this photo of me as I was relaxing at the Tetons….I had that feeling that someone was watching and when I turned to look it was Dan, capturing the moment.

Perfection is life with my husband, best friend and soul mate Dan.


Perfection is the time I spend with our basset hounds.


Perfection is working at my studio bench, exploring the creative process and experiencing the zen of finishing that one piece that took my work to the next level.


Perfection is a quiet day, tucked away in our home with a raging blizzard keeping us home bound.


Perfection is being grateful for this life and the many blessings I have received.

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