Seasonal shifts….Do you enjoy the changing of the seasons?


I’m getting back on track with the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank this month with the topic “Seasonal shifts….Do you enjoy the changing of the seasons?

I truly enjoy the change of seasons, especially when I live in a place where these shifts are quite evident.

Spring’s arrival announces the rebirth.  I love to watch buds form and new life burst forth.

Summer signals maturity.  The fruit of spring’s blossoms emerge.

Fall brings a wonderful transformation. I am fascinated by the beautiful colors of leaves changing.

Winter provides a time for restoration.  It is as if everything is at rest, preparing for what is to come in the spring.

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What if?

Dan & Kathleen @RedRocks

This ‘selfie’ was taken at Red Rocks on October 2, 2014 as Dan & I were looking forward to hearing Christian artists, Casting Crowns, Mandisa and Sidewalk Prophets.  I added the cute little graphic and posted the photo to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts using the hashtags #CastingCrowns and #RedRocks.  Within an hour, the official Casting Crowns Instagram account had clicked on the ‘heart’ icon for our photo and I was so excited.  Then I had my “What if?” moment.  How excited would I be if God clicked the heart to show his love for us?  Immediately I realized He does.  Every day God hearts us.

May the peace and love of the Lord be with you now and forever.