Road trips – Where would you go?

Portland, OR

February’s topic for the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank writers is: “Road trips….. If you could go anywhere in the coming year; where would you go, what would you see?

Isn’t it funny how some things just keep circling back to what is going on in your life?  Let me explain.

My husband, Dan, and I have been researching areas we might like to live once we have retired from the corporate world.  That’s at least another 10+ years, unless some serious good fortune occurs, and since we are “planners“, we think this is the right time to be begin exploring.  This month’s blog post offers the perfect opportunity to share a bit about our future road trip this year!

A couple of the areas that have come up on our radar for where we may want to relocate are the states of Oregon and Washington.  More than a few cities in those states appeal to us.  For Oregon, we are interested in Portland, Salem, Silverton, and Eugene.  In Washington, Vancouver, Camas and Bellingham.  Now there certainly is some distance and variety with all of these.  Yet, we are in the planning stages of a road trip so we can visit a number of them and start evaluating the possibilities.

Vancouver, WA

Our road trip will involve air travel to get to Portland.  From there, we will rent a car and start the exploration.  I think that Portland and Vancouver could consume our entire time.  We want to visit a number of Botanical Gardens.  Coming from a semi-arid region like Colorado, it is quite the treat to see all the things that will grow in Oregon and Washington!  Course it helps considerably that they get so much rain!  And yes, that will definitely be a consideration for us…..can we handle that much annual rain fall compared to where we currently live in Colorado?


Green Drinks Washington

Of course a strong art community is very important to me at this stage in my life and I think it will be going forward to the next phase of my life.  It seems like all of these places offer that and more.


One of the things that we have run across as we have looked at Portland is the TV show called Portlandia.  We think it is an exaggeration about life in Portland and then again, maybe not!  This clip is the intro for the show and given our sense of humor, we have been hooked!  Real or not, we find it funny!

Salem, OR is the state capital and we do like the smaller size of that city.  It will definitely be worth a day visit.  Silverton is close by so we will visit the Oregon Garden.

We would love to see the coast.  Lighthouses, rock formations, maybe a glimpse of a seal or two and all the birds.  I don’t think we are planning our trip around prime whale watching season, but that would be so awe inspiring if it worked out.

a lighthouse2

Our plan is to go in the fall which will give Dan some photographic opportunities with the beautiful colors…..along with so many other things.  I think this kind of road trip will provide a ton of inspiration for my works too.

This will be one of our first vacation trips where we will explore residential neighborhoods to try and get a better feel for what life is like there.

So far we think each one has something unique to offer.  It’s just a matter of getting our feet on the ground and seeing what our intuition tells us.

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And as the fictional characters in Portlandia say, “It’s art if you put a bird on it!“.