” What do you know now that you would love to tell your 20 year old self? “

September’s Topic for the members of the Blog-o-Sphere Think Tank is: “ What do you know now that you would love to tell your 20 year old self?

This reminds me of the inverse of writing your 30 year old self when you are 16!  However, I am happy to share some of the things I would have loved to have told my 20 year old self.

Believe in yourself.  Your are stronger and more intelligent than you know.

Trust your instincts.  You have great intuition about situations and people.  Learn to listen to the ‘little inner voice’ and trust what it is telling you.

Never let anyone steal your joy.  Happiness is a part of you, your well being.  Ignore all who try to take that joy away from you.

Develop a healthy self-esteem.  Know your true worth.  You are valuable and have so much to give.  Never allow anyone to put you down and devalue you because you need to develop, nurture and grow your personal self-esteem.  It will get you through this life.

Trust in God.  Through Him all things are possible.

I am anxious to see what my fellow bloggers have written on this topic.  I hope you will take a moment to visit their blogs too!

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